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Featured chocolate chicken article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

Chocolate Fried Chicken is Now a Thing - Drive the District

Los Angeles has seen its fair share of fusion dishes — everything from kimchi tacos to horchata boba. The occasionally bizarre dishes are reflective of the diverse cultural fabric of the city. Now there’s one more flavor combination to add to that list – chocolate fried chicken, a sweet and...

Featured circus workout article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

Cirque-Inspired Acrobatic Workouts on the Rise - Drive the District

There are pockets of the Bay Area where circus arts schools flourish, and classes taught at some of these venues are an exhilarating way to get fit. On any given day, participants might be challenged to do a cartwheel or swing around a trapeze. Here are a few of our...

Featured disconnect retreat nature article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

Drop In and Disconnect with These Retreats - Drive the District

You hear a ping from your cell phone and can’t help but react to it. Sound familiar? People are bombarded by technology these days, so it’s no wonder that retreats that help you unplug from technology have become popular. At these programs, adults can get away from it all, learn...

Featured article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

L.A. Craftspeople Mix the Virtual with Reality - Drive the District

Shana Sarin’s vintage clothing site TrustFund21 recently celebrated its four-year anniversary on Etsy, the online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell unique goods. TrustFund21 is an uncommonly successful online venture, certainly, and Sarin owes much of that success to her work offline. During the last few years, she’s supported...

Featured interactive museums article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

LA Museums Thinking Outside the Gallery with Walking Exhibits - Drive the District

Sight. For hundreds of years, it’s the only one of the five senses museums paid much attention to. Now, though, in an industry rife with competition, many L.A.-area museums are thinking outside the gallery, encouraging visitors to explore – and interact with – their city....

Featured ecomade ipad iphone paper speaker article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

Low-Impact Listening: Paper Speakers for Your iPad and iPhone - Drive the District

Eco-made co-founders David LeGrand and Hayley Strauss founded a company with products that have minimal impact on the environment. Among their inventions is the eco-amp, an innovative audio solution for the iPad that’s crafted using 100% green electricity and made out of 100% post-consumer fiber paper. A passive amplifier that adheres...

Featured mindfulness meditation exec article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

"Mindfulness" Meditation is the New Business Management Tool - Drive the District

At 6 a.m., while most people are still sleeping, Professor Jeremy Hunter is starting a 45-minute meditation session. Hunter, an assistant professor at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, is an expert on mindfulness and teaches a course called Executive Mind, a series...

Featured vegan oktoberfest article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

Raise a Stein for LA’s First Vegan Oktoberfest - Drive the District

When you think of Oktoberfest, you probably picture beer, bratwursts and lederhosen. But the folks at Vegan Oktoberfest are changing up that image. Earlier this month in Santa Monica, the first Vegan Oktoberfest featured vegan beer and Bavarian food along with entertainment like live Oompah bands. One of the draws of the...

Featured nitrogenated ice cream article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

Science Meets Ice Cream in These Nitrogenated Creameries - Drive the District

With its billowing smoke and inventive flavor combinations, liquid nitrogen ice cream has captivated the attention of dessert lovers across the Southland. It’s one of the hottest trends in the ice cream space, allowing people to see the frozen delicacy made right in front of them. By flash-freezing ingredients at...

Featured waiz rahim silver gym shirt article
Drive the District (powered by GM)

This Shirt Doesn't Smell After You've Worked Out In It - Drive the District

$250,421. That’s how much money Waiz Rahim helped raise on Kickstarter for SilverAir, an innovative active-wear product from startup Y Athletics. Just 21 years old, Rahim, a USC sophomore, splits his time between his studies and working with Y Athletics. Rahim first learned about Y Athletics through Arbab Sam Mazumdar, a family...