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Anxiety And Depression Affect Sick Leave - Redorbit

Feeling tired and lethargic. Having tense emotions. These are just a few factors that may affect a worker’s decision to take sick leave. Working with Australian and British researchers, investigators at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health found that anxiety and depression can heighten the risk of sick leave....

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Honoring Nurses With National Nurse Week - Health News

“Thank you.” These are the words you can tell a nurse this week during National Nurse Week 2012. National Nurse Week is celebrated from May 6, National Nurses Day, to May 12, modern nursing founder Fl...

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Imprinted For Life - Children More Likely To Choose Foods With Familiar Logos - Redorbit

Researchers recently discovered that fast food logos may be “imprinted” on the brains of young children, causing them to choose unhealthy food due to their knowledge and association with the brand....

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Researchers Link Maternal Depression to Shorter Children - Redorbit

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health recently completed a study on the possible effects of depressive symptoms in mothers on the growth of their children between preschool and elementary school, stating that the children of depressed mothers are shorter on average than their peers going into...

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Seniors Can Boost Their Brains Through Aerobic Exercise - Redorbit

It is well known that exercise can benefit the body, and now, researchers say that aerobic exercise could enhance certain areas of cognitive ability as well....

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Student Design Improves Pill Bottle For Blind, Visually Impaired - Redorbit

Two students from the University of Cincinnati recently applied for a provisional patent on the design and prototype of a prescription-medicine pill bottle that would help people who are blind and visually impaired....

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Study Says Benefits Of Bilingualism For Aging Adults Includes Cognitive Flexibility - Redorbit

A recent study has found that aging adults who grew up bilingual are able to maintain better “cognitive flexibility” and more efficient use of their brains than their monolingual peers....

Open uri20161114 12901 1yzajoq article

Tissue Regeneration Research Turns to Salamander Genome For Clues - Redorbit

Researchers from the Salk Institute recently studied the regeneration of new limbs in salamanders and believe that the findings could be useful in studies on regenerative medicine for humans....